Chapter 24 Showing Churn or Turnover

Subscriber churn analysis dashboard.

Dashboard designer: Steve Wexler

Organization: Data Revelations


Big Picture

Your company has just launched a new monthly subscriber service. You need to get a handle on how subscriptions are growing over time, both overall and in different divisions. Subscribers can cancel at any time so you need to see for every month how many new subscribers you have gained and how many you have lost. You expect there to be some attrition, but you need to know when and where losses exceed gains as well as where gains occurred and when gains are particularly strong.


  • You need to be able to see fluctuations in subscriptions over time.
  • You need to compare overall gains and losses for each division.
  • You need to easily see for each division when losses exceed gains.
  • You need to be able to see the details for each month.
  • You need to see which months were worst and which were best, both overall and for a particular division.

Related Scenarios

  • You manage human resources for a large company with offices in many countries and need to monitor employee churn by location and department.
  • You manage a software development project and need to monitor assignments as they go through different stages of the process.
  • You monitor unemployment statistics for the government and need to show employment churn by industry ...

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