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The Big Shift in IT Leadership: How Great CIOs Leverage the Power of Technology for Strategic Business Growth in the Customer-Centric Economy

Book Description

Learn the unique leadership strategies of the effective, essential CIO

Beyond the Cloud provides a blueprint for leadership in an era of high volatility, rapid transformation, and amazing growth. An effective CIO is essential to the successful navigation of turbulent and uncertain times, and this insightful guide gives you the actionable framework you need to execute the leadership strategies that work. Focused on the major factors that are critical to modern global enterprise, this book delves into communication, collaboration, relationships, technology, innovation, talent management, and more to provide well-rounded guidance toward principled leadership. Simple, straightforward language explains the basics of each area, and is expanded upon by real-world stories and revealing anecdotes gathered from the author's exclusive interviews with visionary thought leaders from major organizations worldwide. You get perspective from the top on established and emerging leadership strategies, helping you put these ideas to work right away.

CIOs are perfectly positioned to provide the leadership required to stay ahead of the competition in complex, rapidly shifting markets. They break down walls, align resources, and facilitate collaboration to drive business value and spur growth amidst an atmosphere of hyper-competition. This guide is your practical handbook for becoming the leader that you need to be.

  • Establish trust and cooperation across the enterprise

  • Recruit and retain the top talent in your field

  • Leverage new technology for continuous business growth

  • Inspire loyalty and optimal performance from everyone on the team

  • The CIO has never been more crucial to the enterprise than right now. With clear guidance toward the unique leadership skills the role requires, Beyond the Cloud is the foundational executive guide for transformational leaders in the new business era.

    Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright
    3. Dedication
    4. Foreword
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. Preface
    7. Chapter 1: The New Normal
      1. The Best CIOs Know that Results Trump Technology
      2. Leadership Excellence Is a Critical Competitive Advantage
      3. The Big Shift Is Vital in a Customer-Centric Global Economy
      4. The Big Shift Is a Total Game Changer
      5. 7 Action Steps for CIOs Who Are Ready for the Big Shift
      6. Rapidly Changing Technology Plays Directly to CIOs' Strengths
      7. The Big Shift Embraces and Accepts the Realities of Customer-Centric IT
      8. CIO Focus Shifts from Creating Internal Productivity to Driving External Value
      9. Competitive Success Is Linked to Collaboration and Innovation
      10. Shifting Consumer Demands Require CIOs to Adjust to the Experience Economy
      11. Shifting Consumer Economy Raises the Bar for CIOs
      12. Case Closed: IT Still Matters
      13. Notes
    8. Chapter 2: The CIO and the C-Suite
      1. Speaking the Language of Business Is Essential for Exceptional CIOs and IT Leaders
      2. Leverage the Power of Great Habits to Drive Relationships across the C-Suite
      3. Maintain Relevancy and Set the Agenda
      4. Team Leaders Are Not Lone Heroes
      5. Leaders Need “Triple Package” of Critical Traits
      6. In Changing Times, Innovative Leadership Is a Critical Asset
      7. Are You Proactive or Reactive?
      8. Leaders Build Trust, across the C-Suite and within
      9. Preparing for the Future of IT Includes Waging the War for Talent
      10. Find the Best People—You'll Need Them as IT Expands Its Role
      11. Achieving the Right Mix of Talent and Technical Abilities
      12. Why I'm Genuinely Optimistic about the Future of IT
      13. Notes
    9. Chapter 3: Innovation
      1. Great CIOs Leverage Innovation to Create New Products and Drive Real Growth for the Business
      2. CIOs Are Essential for Enabling Innovation
      3. CIOs Are Evolving from Tactical Support to Strategic Leadership
      4. Leaders Create Tangible Value for the Modern Enterprise
      5. Bringing the Consumer Service Experience into the Modern Global Enterprise
      6. Leaders Leverage the Interplay between Consumer and Business Technologies
      7. CIO Leadership Must Move beyond the Boundaries of Traditional IT
      8. Great CIOs Learn the Business's Needs and Use IT to Drive Success across the Enterprise
    10. Chapter 4: Exceptional Leadership
      1. Great CIOs Leverage Trust and Deep Knowledge to Provide Real Business Value in Rapidly Changing Times
      2. Great CIOs and IT Vendors Work Together on Long-Term Strategy
      3. Keep IT Relevant to the Business in Modern Dynamic Markets
      4. Use Best Practices for Building Bridges across the C-Suite
      5. Will CIOs Experience Similar Career Trajectories as CFOs?
      6. When Building Tighter Relationships with the C-Suite, Location Matters
      7. Delivering Real Business Value from Technology Investments
      8. Transforming Vendor Relationships from Transactional to Strategic
      9. In EMEA, Demand Rises for Two Types of CIOs
      10. Forecast: Trends Point to Growth for Visionary CIOs and IT Leaders
      11. Note
    11. Chapter 5: How Much, How Fast?
      1. Create a Smart Process for Engaging Successfully with SaaS Providers
      2. Great CIOs Know When They Have Hit the Limits of IT Outsourcing
      3. Building Trust in the Enterprise Requires Focus, Energy, and Great Leadership
      4. Use the CenterPoint to Maintain Alignment, Adapt to Change, and Sustain Execution
      5. Build Deep Foundations of Trust with Simple Contracts
      6. True Leaders Embrace the Challenge and Accept the Risk
      7. Notes
    12. Chapter 6: Security, Big Data, and the Internet of Things
      1. You Can't Build a Wall High Enough to Keep out the Bad Guys
      2. Leveraging Data across the Enterprise
      3. The New Water Cooler for Better Decisions
      4. As Markets Evolve, IT Focus Shifts to Business Results
      5. Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse
      6. Great CIOs Perceive the Opportunities and Benefits of Consumer IT in the Enterprise
      7. Connected Devices Are Smarter and Smaller
      8. Transforming IT Is a Critical Step in Building Strong Relationships with the Business
      9. Create a Process and a Platform for Change and Innovation in the Modern Enterprise
      10. Worried about UI versus UX? Focus Instead on Delivering Great CX
      11. Will IT Build the New Front End for the Customer-Centric Enterprise?
      12. Smart Companies Leverage Innovation to Drive Value into the Business
      13. Great Firms Leverage the Skill and Expertise of Their CIOs Before Leaping into Newer Technologies
      14. Getting Serious about Cybersecurity
      15. Hunting on the Network: Q&A with Cybersecurity Expert Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike
      16. Dealing with Cyber Crime Requires a Realistic Mindset
      17. Focusing on Future Trends
      18. Five Key Trends that Are Fundamentally Transforming IT Leadership
      19. Notes
    13. Recommended Reading
    14. Meet Our Expert Sources
    15. About the Author
    16. About HMG Strategy LLC
    17. Index
    18. End User License Agreement