Chapter 7

Answers to Quizzes

Grammar Pretest Answers

1. How quickly he runs.
2. Neither one of them is ready yet.
3. The desk and the chair sit in the corner.
4. Each of us was scheduled to take the test.
5. The coach, not the players, has been ill.
6. There are only four days until Christmas.
7. She is one of the women who work hard.
8. That was Yusuf and I whom you saw.
9. This phone call is for Bill and me.
10. Terrell is the smarter of the two.
11. It was I who called.
12. It is we clerks who work hard.
13. He took the plate off the table.
14. I am doing fine. How about you?
15. They mailed the copies to him and me.
16. Neither of the candidates has spoken.
17. How will you be affected financially if downsizing means you will lose your job?
18. Joan walks slowly so her children can keep up with her. (OR more slowly)
19. Jake is the older of the two brothers.
20. May did well on the test she took yesterday.
21. He and she were really close friends.
22. Whoever drove in the carpool lane without any passengers will be fined.
23. Please allow Jenna or me to assist you.
24. It's a company that doesn't judge others by their nationalities and accents.
25. They fought over their father's estate because they felt angry about the way he had treated them.
26. You look good in that running outfit.
27. Don't feel bad about forgetting my birthday.
28. We saw two puppies at the pound and took home the cuter one.
29. Speak more clearly please.
30. Where is that book?
31. Pollen affects my ...

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