The Blueprint

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A Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly Bestseller

Lift your leadership to new heights

Doug Conant, Founder of ConantLeadership, former CEO of Campbell Soup Company, and former President of Nabisco Foods, shares transformational insights in his new book, The Blueprint. Conant is the only former Fortune 500 CEO who is a New York Times bestselling author, a top 50 Leadership Innovator, a Top 100 Leadership Speaker, and a Top 100 Most Influential Author in the World. 

Get Unstuck

In 1984, Doug Conant was fired without warning and with barely an explanation. He felt hopeless and stuck but, surprisingly, this defeating turn of events turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Doug began to consider what might be holding him back from realizing his potential, fulfilling his dreams, and making a bigger impact on the world around him.

Embarking on a journey of self-reflection and discovery, he forged a path to revolutionize his leadership and transform his career trajectory. Ultimately, Doug was able to condense his remarkable leadership story into six practical steps. It wasn't until Doug worked through these six steps that he was able to lift his leadership to heights that ultimately brought him career success, joy, and fulfillment.

  1. Reach High - Envision
  2. Dig Deep - Reflect
  3. Lay the Groundwork - Study
  4. Design - Plan
  5. Build - Practice
  6. Reinforce - Improve 

In The Blueprint, part leadership manifesto, part practical manual, Doug teaches leaders how to work through the same six steps that he used to transform his journey. The six steps are manageable and incremental, designed to fit practically within the pace of busy modern life. Knowing how daunting the prospect of change can be, Doug arms readers with exercises and practices to realistically bring their foundation to life in every situation. Now, today’s leaders who feel stuck and overwhelmed finally have a blueprint for lifting their leadership to make meaningful change in their organizations and in the world.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Foreword
  3. Authors’ Note
  4. Introduction
  5. Part I: Blueprint: Get Unstuck
    1. Your Foundation Is Everything
      1. Start Small
      2. Forget Perfection
      3. Building Your Future
      4. Like an Architect, Dig Deep to Reach High
      5. The Six Steps
    2. Your Life Story is Your Leadership Story
      1. There is Only One You
      2. Connect with What Matters Most
      3. Highlights of Your Leadership Story
      4. Wrapping Up the Exercise
    3. Step 1: ENVISION: The Power of Intention and Purpose
      1. Envision: The Power of Purpose
      2. The First Three Questions of Leadership
    4. Step 2: REFLECT: Dig Deep
      1. Question 1: What Motivates People to Give Their Best?
      2. Question 2: How Do You Influence People to Deliver Consistently High Performance in an Inconsistent World?
    5. Step 3: STUDY: Lay Your Groundwork
      1. Expanding the Concept of “Study”
      2. Your Turn
      3. Synthesis
      4. Practices Make the Difference
    6. Step 4: PLAN: Design Your Leadership Model
      1. Models, Models Everywhere
    7. Step 5: PRACTICE: Build Your Leadership Profile
      1. The Mythology of “10,000 Hours”
      2. A Mastery Model
      3. Deliberate Practice
    8. Step 6: IMPROVE: Reinforce Your Foundation
      1. Grow or Die
      2. The Growth Mindset
      3. An Urgent Question
      4. Adding Value
      5. Areas for Improvement
    9. Putting It All Together: Your Five-Day Action Plan
      1. An Iterative Understanding
      2. Five-Day Action Plan
      3. Onward
  6. Part II: Manifesto: Maximize Your Impact
    1. Leadership That Works: It’s All about the People
      1. Building on Bedrock
      2. What Is Leadership?
      3. The Spectrum
      4. The Highest Truth about Leadership
      5. Passing the Test
      6. People First: How One Leader Made People Safer at Campbell
      7. Be Clear about What Matters
      8. The Persistent Call
      9. Your Shopping List
    2. High Performance
      1. Performance as Motto and Mantra
      2. The Two Pillars
      3. Intuition → Wisdom
      4. Leading in Three Time Zones
      5. A Final Thought on High Performance
    3. Abundance
      1. The Genius of the “And”
      2. The Abundance Mentality
      3. The Abundance Mindset Switch
      4. Change “Or” to “And”
      5. The Big Idea
    4. Inspire Trust
      1. The Business Case for Trust
      2. Respect: The Currency of Trust
      3. Giving Thanks
      4. No Downside
    5. Purpose
      1. Purpose by the Numbers
      2. Making Meaning
      3. Making Purpose Real
      4. Find the Greater “Yes”
      5. Wrapping It Up
    6. Courage
      1. The Other Side of Fear
      2. Another Test
      3. Courage Is the Mother Skill
      4. Just One Step
    7. Integrity
      1. Do What You Say
      2. Declaring Yourself
      3. Owning Up
      4. Building the Habit
    8. The “Grow or Die” Mindset
      1. You Can Do Better
      2. A Learning Culture
      3. The Push/Pull of Learning
      4. Be Strategic
      5. Challenging Your Paradigm
      6. Wrapping It Up
    9. Humility
      1. The Two Components of Humility
      2. Putting It Together
    10. How Can I Help?
      1. A Life or Death Lesson
      2. The Best Leaders Are the Most Helpful
      3. Day to Day
      4. Leaving a Legacy
    11. Have Fun
      1. Bloom Where You Are Planted
      2. Be the Fun
      3. Take Care of Yourself First
      4. The Five Cylinders
      5. Bring the Love
    12. Stay True to Yourself
      1. There Is Only One You
  7. Afterword
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. About the Authors
  10. Appendix: Understanding the ConantLeadership Flywheel
    1. Practice Area 1: Honor People
    2. Practice Area 2: Inspire Trust
    3. Practice Area 3: Clarify Higher Purpose
    4. Practice Area 4: Create Direction
    5. Practice Area 5: Drive Alignment
    6. Practice Area 6: Build Vitality
    7. Practice Area 7: Execute with Excellence
    8. Practice Area 8: Produce Extraordinary Results
    9. The Flywheel Effect
  11. Index
  12. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: The Blueprint
  • Author(s): Douglas R. Conant
  • Release date: March 2020
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119560029