It’s a privilege to introduce you to this book, and, of equal importance, to Doug Conant. He’s remarkable – and so is this work. Let me tell you about both.

The Man

When I was in school, my father, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, often said to me, “You don’t take classes, you take teachers.” That insight has proven helpful to me in both my education and my career. The reality is that those of us who work in organizations don’t report to the organization; we report to a person. Thus, our pairing with a leader or mentor, like a teacher, can be transformative.

In The Blueprint, you will find a transformative opportunity with Doug Conant. As you study and apply the principles he teaches, you will come to feel that he not only knows and understands the practical leadership process he’s guiding you through, but that he also knows and understands you. He’s lived this process himself. He’s paid the price to earn the profound insights he shares. And he knows firsthand how to guide people in their own personal discovery and creative process.

In an intense, chaotic world, Doug has pondered deeply, reflecting on his past experiences, choices, and perspectives – on his life story, which has become his leadership story. Plumbing his own personality, character, passions, and skills to identify and improve his own personal leadership has enabled him to offer superb people leadership. And, most importantly, he’s developed an actionable process to help each of us do the same.

Consistent with ...

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