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The Book of Road-Tested Activities

Book Description

Enhance your toolkit with the best of the best—100+ tested and perfected activities guaranteed to succeed

"A treasured collection with some never-before-seen tools and activities to increase participation and retention for your learners. . . . The 'insider's tips' feature helps even the newest trainer facilitate these activities like a pro."

Jean Barbazette, author of The Art of Great Training Delivery

"I believe in the effectiveness of training activities, the brilliance of Elaine's editorial skills, and the street smarts of my ASTD colleagues. They all come together in this brilliant book."

Dr. Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, of The Thiagi Group; author of Jolts!

"What a wonderful book! . . . This is a must-have reference book for every learning and development professional."

Jack and Patti Phillips, Founders, Chairman and CEO of the ROI Institute, Inc.

Workplace learning professionals are always looking for the best solution—tried-and-true activities, ones that work every time, ones that always lead participants to gain deeper insight into their leadership capabilities and potential. The Book of Road-Tested Activities gives you just what you're looking for: well-crafted games and activities that have been put to the test in real training situations and proven effective.

To create this edited collection, training legend Elaine Biech painstakingly selected the very best—more than 100 activities that ASTD training professionals have taken to the finish line with excellent results.

Divided between activities geared toward specific workshop topics and multi-purpose training tools and techniques, the book covers:

  • Training topics—communication, listening, customer service and sales, creativity and innovation, teamwork, leadership, and more

  • Tools and techniques—icebreakers, openings, reviews, and online learning, plus unique tools that will add a new twist to your own techniques

With both new, innovative activities and classic, dependable ones enhanced with creative variations, Elaine Biech's The Book of Road-Tested Activities provides you with an array of tried-and-true training tools for every occasion and purpose. They'll help you achieve your own stellar track record of successful training and satisfied customers.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Dedication
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Grateful Acknowledgments
  7. Your Highway to Success: An Introduction to Road-Tested Activities
  8. Section I: Training Topics
    1. Chapter 1: Communication: The Most Vital Skill
      1. Story, Song, Poem, Saying
      2. Do You See What I See?
      3. Perception Reflection
      4. Tuscan Summer Evenings
      5. Go for the Win
    2. Chapter 2: Listening: The Second Half of Communication
      1. No Advice Please
      2. I See You Listening
      3. Do You Know How to Listen?
      4. Yellow Ball
      5. Are You Smiling?
    3. Chapter 3: Customer Service and Sales: Imperative for Organizations
      1. Defining a Great Customer Experience
      2. What’s in the News?
      3. Objection Resolution
    4. Chapter 4: Creativity and Innovation: Most Important in a Complex World
      1. The Penny Story
      2. It’s Not What You Think
      3. Creative Storming
      4. Creative Word Toss
    5. Chapter 5: Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing Differences
      1. We Are All Different
      2. Diversity Quilt
      3. Are You This or That?
      4. Cultural Networking
      5. Generation Genius
    6. Chapter 6: Teamwork: Get to Know Your Team
      1. Conceptualization of You
      2. Team Speed-Dating
      3. Acquainted Antics
      4. Team Commercial
      5. Three Truths and a Lie
      6. Ties That Bind
      7. Favorites Poker
      8. Personality Polaroid
    7. Chapter 7: Teamwork: Working Together
      1. A Cat and a Fridge
      2. Capital Team Building
      3. Picture Your Ideal Team
      4. People to People
      5. Pipe Dream
      6. Team Think-ING
      7. Build a Bridge
      8. Planning with Spaghetti and Marshmallows
      9. Straw Towers
      10. Hula Hoop Challenge
      11. From Seeing to Achieving
      12. Think on Your Feet
    8. Chapter 8: Leadership: What It Takes to Make a Leader
      1. The Great Leadership Debate
      2. What a Difference a Goal Makes
      3. Create a Vision
      4. Power of Questions
      5. Vote Trust with Your Feet
      6. You Be the Ethicist
      7. Valuing the Values
    9. Chapter 9: Solving Problems: Find Practical Solutions
      1. Dig It Up
      2. Consult the Experts
      3. Scenario Cards
      4. Through the Looking Glass
    10. Chapter 10: Professional Development: Skills for the Workplace
      1. Activating Enthusiasm
      2. Stress Symphony
      3. Zoom!
      4. Puzzled Prospects
      5. Performance Graffiti Wall
      6. Part of the Big Picture
      7. Multitasking Stressors
      8. Get Ready for Interviewing
  9. Section II: Training Tools and Techniques
    1. Chapter 11: Icebreakers: Getting to Know You
      1. What’s Under Your Bed?
      2. Tell Me Something Good
      3. Getting to Know You . . . Getting to Know All About You
      4. What’s in a Name?
      5. Roll of the Die
      6. Guess What We Have in Common
      7. Immodest Interview
      8. Whose Snowball?
      9. Look What I Can Do!
      10. Spell It Out!
    2. Chapter 12: Openings: Start with a BANG
      1. Rapid Rate of Change
      2. Focus Einstein Style
      3. Learning Is Valuable
      4. Level the Playing Field
      5. Make a Wish
      6. Great Expectations
      7. Definition BINGO
      8. I Said I Need to Learn
      9. Let Go of Your Fears
      10. Purging the Potholes
      11. Jazzed
    3. Chapter 13: Reviewing: Make It Fun
      1. PPT Board Game Review
      2. Throw Down Your Answer
      3. Learning Stations
      4. Answer the Question and Keep the Card
      5. I’ll Say It Myself
      6. Tweet! Key Learnings
    4. Chapter 14: New Tools: Add a Twist to Your Techniques
      1. Speedy SMEs
      2. Remember Me?
      3. Product Knowledge Scramble
      4. Key Ideas
      5. Give Them the BlackBerries
      6. Tell Me About Yourself
      7. Deal with It
      8. Blog and RE-Blog
      9. Success Chain
      10. Take Action
      11. Dirty Training Room
    5. Chapter 15: Online Learning: Tools to Try
      1. Twitter Introductions
      2. Virtual Warm-Up
      3. YouTube: A Human Touch
      4. Virtual Role Plays
      5. Virtual Word Cloud
      6. Online Review Wheel
    6. Chapter 16: Ideas for Your ASTD Chapter
      1. A Gift to Use
      2. Between Meeting Meetings
  10. Activity GPS
  11. About the Editor