17.5 The Light and Shadow Filters

This is yet another menu with a series of disjointed entries. The first five are related to light, the next three to shadows, and the last two are glass effects. We omit the Xach-Effect filter, which we consider not very useful.

Gradient Flare

Gradient Flare simulates the effect that a strong light source can have on a camera lens. The flare is made up of three parts: the Glow, which is the central circle of light; the Rays, which are the streaks of light that extend from the Glow; and the Second Flares, which are the smaller circles of light that sometimes appear in a line, extending out from the Glow.

We demonstrate on the image shown in Figure 17-85. The dialog of Gradient Flare has two tabs, as shown in Figure 17-86 ...

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