Chapter 6. Juniper Olive and VSRX Firefly

You can install and run Juniper routers with GNS3 in several ways. In this chapter, I show you how to use VirtualBox and Quick Emulator (QEMU) to create GNS3-ready Juniper devices and then install Juniper’s vSRX Firefly firewall.

QEMU is an open source PC emulator similar to VirtualBox. It’s less polished but has many powerful features and is fully integrated into GNS3. Using QEMU, you can run many network operating systems including Cisco ASA, IDS, IOS-XR, NX-OSv, and a special version of Juniper’s Junos OS known as Juniper Olive. In this chapter, I focus only on Juniper.

Installing QEMU on Windows and OS X

If you installed GNS3 on Windows or OS X, then QEMU should have been installed for you already. The ...

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