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The Brand Messiah

Book Description

Joshua is a self-made man who has become one of the world's most respected brand experts. His communications empire promotes everything from Playboy subscriptions to hunger charities. Joshua is always one step ahead of the game. Then one day, he is diagnosed with cancer. Joshua is forced to reassess his life and puts his experiences towards philanthropic projects in his final years. He dies a legend.60 years pass. The world enters a new era, obsessed with materialism, image, personal wellbeing and power. Propaganda becomes noise and cynicism becomes the new capitalism. Enter Paul. Part entrepreneur, part social evangelist, devoted opportunist. He comes across an e-documentary about the story of Joshua. Inspired, Paul devises an audacious quest: to turn the legend of Joshua into a cause for the masses. What starts in earnest, grows into a global sanctified brand phenomenon. It becomes more pervasive than Coca-Cola, offering greater appeal than any political promise. The Brand Messiah is a fitting modern-day parable and a compelling apocryphal tale for our times. It challenges readers to consider today's values, relevance of ancient ethics, the role of the media as well as faith in their own principles and aspirations.