Chapter 5

Inspire: We Do What We Are Passionate About

Innovators are epic optimists, fueled by a passion and conviction to always find a better way. We must inspire them daily with portraits of possibilities.

Principle 6. Stories Can Change the World


Stories are magical. They connect us and carry us into the future. Create new stories every day. Make them beautiful and bring them to listeners who are in search of them. Together, you will narrate the future. “Facts are facts, but stories are who we are, how we learn, and what it all means,” says my friend Alan Webber, cofounder of Fast Company and author of Rules of Thumb. He has it exactly right. Storytelling is the most important tool for any innovator. It is the best way to create emotional connections to your ideas and innovations. I don't know if the neuroscience of storytelling is well understood, but somehow effective stories bypass the logic centers in our brains and connect directly with our emotions. Sharing stories is the way to create a network of passionate supporters that can help spread ideas and make them a reality. We remember stories. We relate to stories and they compel us to action. Storytelling is a critical element of any successful business model innovation effort.

Storytelling is a core value at the Business Innovation Factory (BIF). We believe that advancing our mission to enable system change in health ...

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