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The Business Value of Agile Software Methods

Book Description

The Business Value of Agile Software Methods shatters key myths and misconceptions surrounding the modern-day phenomenon of Agile methods for creating software products. It provides a complete business value comparison between traditional and Agile methods. The keys to maximizing the business value of any method are low costs and high benefits and the business value of Agile methods, when compared to traditional methods, proves to be very impressive. Agile methods are a new model of project management that can be used to improve the success, business value, and ROI of high-risk and highly complex IT projects in today’s dynamic, turbulent, and highly uncertain marketplace. If you are an executive, manager, scholar, student, consultant or practitioner currently on the fence, you need to read this book!

Key Features
  • Presents a thought-provoking history of Agile methods with respect to scientific management, organizational behavior, systems theory, new product development, and lean thinking
  • Provides a comprehensive definition, introduction, and explanation of Agile software methods
  • Introduces a complete set of metrics, models, and measurements for estimating the costs, benefits, ROI and NPV of Agile methods
  • Serves as a roadmap for linking Agile methods to major industry standards bodies of knowledge, such as project management, systems engineering, and software
  • Identifies the major types and kinds of Agile methods, along with their corresponding best practices, as a pretext for mixing and matching them to create super-hybrids
  • Explains the role of Agile methods in software engineering and supporting processes such as documentation, quality assurance, and software maintenance
  • Includes numerous examples, data, figures, and references for estimating business value and identifies a set of critical success factors for succeeding with Agile methods every time