The Camino Way

Video description

Stretching across 500 miles of northern Spain, the Camino de Santiago has been a pilgrimage route for centuries. Setting off as a competitive, shrewd negotiator with little patience for small talk, Victor Prince emerged as a very different person-more balanced, more caring, more present in the moment, but looking to the future. Prince translates this growth experience into seven leadership skills, each linked to values that have guided Camino travelers for centuries. With reflections from the road and for the workplace back home, he recounts how he learned to:

Live in the moment
Welcome each day, its pleasures and its challenges
Make others feel welcome
Feel the spirit of those who have come before you
Appreciate those who walk with you today
Imagine those who will follow you

By aligning the path to leadership with a literal journey, The Camino Way offers fresh perspectives on bringing people together and achieving goals-with a pilgrim's heart, a way-farer's grit, and a leader's vision.

Product information

  • Title: The Camino Way
  • Author(s): Rudy Sanda, Victor Prince
  • Release date: July 2017
  • Publisher(s): HighBridge
  • ISBN: None