Chapter 29Be the Mission

As the carpenter built a new desk for Michael, they talked about the latest challenges at Social Connect. Michael shared all they had been doing to put Love, Serve, Care into action, and the frustrating results of acquiring only one new customer.

“I see it differently,” said the carpenter. “I believe you should be thankful that you got a new customer. The more you are thankful, the more you will have things to be thankful for. The more you and your company appreciate each new client, the more you will become a magnet for new clients. This appears to be a wonderful growth opportunity for you and your company,” he said with a warm smile.

Michael nodded, knowing the carpenter was right. He had been focused on what Social Connect lacked instead of what it had. He had been looking through the lens of pessimism instead of opportunity.

“You also have to remember what I told you the other day,” J. said. “Success takes time. Clients won’t recognize all that you are doing to love, serve, and care right away. The outside world won’t immediately see what you are doing on the inside. You won’t always be recognized. That’s okay. Just keep doing the work. Keep loving, serving, and caring. Keep making a difference. Over time people will notice, word will spread, and the truth will shine through.”

The carpenter picked up a piece of wood that would become one of the desk’s legs. “Everyone wants the quick-fix solution. They want convenient, immediate success. They don’t ...

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