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The cdma2000 System for Mobile Communications: 3G Wireless Evolution

Book Description

cdma2000 in depth: architecture, protocols, design, and operation

This is a complete guide to the architecture and operation of cdma2000 networks. Three leading experts begin by reviewing the theory of CDMA communications, then systematically discuss every component of a cdma2000 network, including radio access networks, packet core networks, mobile stations, and their reference points. The authors present in-depth coverage of the cdma2000 air interface protocols between mobile and base stations; physical layer design; media access control; layer 3 signaling; handoffs; power control; radio resource management for mixed voice and data services; radio access network performance; and end-to-end call flows for circuit switched voice, packet data, and concurrent services. Coverage includes:

  • CDMA and spread spectrum fundamentals: modulation/demodulation, forward error correction, turbo coding, and diversity

  • Applications and services, including conversational voice, Web browsing, file transfer, WAP, video streaming, and VoIP

  • Evolution of integrated data and voice services (1xEV-DV)

  • Handoff principles and types, including idle, access, soft, and hard handoffs

  • Reverse and forward link power control principles, algorithms, and implementation aspects

  • Algorithms and implementation aspects for radio resource management

  • End-to-end network operations: location and state management, call processing, SMS, and more

  • This is an ideal reference for professionals designing or building cdma2000 infrastructure and mobile stations, operators deploying and managing cdma2000 networks, and any wireless communications engineer who wants a thorough understanding of cdma2000 technology.