In our increasingly complex world, the challenges and opportunities for leaders, and those in charge of developing them, have never before been greater. At the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), our goal is to help individuals and organizations rise to the occasion by unlocking their leadership potential. Over four decades, we have worked with hundreds of thousands of executives and managers worldwide. Those leaders serve Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and nongovernmental organizations. We have pioneered research in our field. We have sought, in the words of our founders, "to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide."

This handbook, now in its third edition, draws on those vast stores of expertise. It elaborates CCL's view on today's most pressing leadership issues. Practicing leaders at every stage in their careers, especially those charged with directing leadership development in their own organizations, will get much use from this single, comprehensive, accessible source.

This third edition of The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development includes entirely new chapters on such key challenges as leading in times of change and transition, developing strategic leadership, and cultivating globally responsible leadership. As you have likely found in your own experience, the rapid flow of information, political and economic ...

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