8. Multiplicity and Persistency of Synaptic Plasticity

8-1. Introduction

In addition to conjunctive LTD in Purkinje cells, which was discussed in Chapter 7, “Conjunctive Long-Term Depression (LTD),” a rich variety of synaptic plasticity subtypes and underlying signal transductions has been revealed throughout cerebellar neuronal circuits. These subtypes should play their individual roles in cerebellar function. In this chapter, we address the above and ask critical questions about how conjunctive LTD persists and the extent to which it contributes in the formation of a memory trace.

8-2. Synaptic Plasticity in Purkinje Cells

Homosynaptic LTD in parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses. LTD is induced in these synapses when a relatively large set ...

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