Chapter 11A Change Catalyst to Drive Delivery

‘Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.’

Margaret Mead1

One of the most important ingredients for successfully instigating sustainable change is the identification and appointment of a Change Catalyst: someone whose role it is to guide the organisation – its people and its processes – to the ultimate delivery of the outcomes the business needs.

The Change Catalyst is the ingredient that is most often overlooked, and I believe this common omission is one of the key reasons why 88% of change initiatives fail.

A Change Catalyst is a business person, not a project manager. A Change Catalyst is aligned to your shareholders, not just the stakeholders. A Change Catalyst understands the business: the drivers of profitability, the drivers of shareholder value, the drivers of customer satisfaction, the drivers of employee satisfaction. A Change Catalyst understands the market: the short-, medium- and long-term trends facing the industry and how successful competitors could take advantage of them. A Change Catalyst is regarded as a peer by the ‘business end’ of the organisation.

A Change Catalyst also possesses an ‘EQ’2 to match their IQ. ...

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