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The Chocolate Conversation: Lead Bittersweet Change; Transform Your Business

Book Description

The single factor that determines success or failure in big business today is conversation. Great leaders use public and private conversations to cultivate a common worldview, set standards, and uncover concerns that can undermine the goals of the organization. So what conversations are you, as a leader, having with your organization? Experienced business transformation consultant Rose Fass shows how leaders can avoid a meltdown and instead drive transformation by the way they communicate in a language that all stakeholders can understand. The Chocolate Conversation takes a light-hearted approach to show how too often we think we’re having the same conversation — about “dark chocolate,” for instance — only to be referring to three different things: milk, white, and bittersweet varieties. Fass helps us establish common ground that leads to an effective discourse for addressing relevance, growth, productivity, and scale — the four most important issues she sees in business today.