Chapter 9Assessing Your Circle

Figure 9.1 represents how your assessment results would appear if you had fully discovered your power, but had not so completely developed your independence, purpose, and humility. It would also suggest that focusing on humility would be the best place to work on your Circle.

Scheme for a Circle Blueprint.

Figure 9.1 An Example of Unbalanced Circle—High Power Driven Circle

A Circle assessment will show which aspects of your Circle are in balance and which are not. It will provide a guide for you to work toward achieving greater balance on your own timetable with complete confidentiality, freedom, and independence. The assessment and exercises are tools that will unlock your greatest possible self by removing whatever is blocking you from achieving all that your life was intended to be.

Once you have completed the overview, you may wish to take an online assessment that will allow you to gauge the balance of your unique Circle. This process will help you interact with the book and discover opportunities for personal growth.

The assessment is a reliable instrument based on scientifically validated theory that will identify the core issues that are holding you back from having the happy and successful life you seek. We know too many people who spend thousands of hours in and dollars on therapy in the hope of understanding these issues. Having a reliable instrument that can provide ...

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