Chapter 14Balancing Purpose within the Circle


Perhaps everyone desires purpose in their lives. But it seems that many find poor substitutes for the truest purpose life can provide. Real purpose requires the expansion and balance of your Circle.

No one can find their true purpose in life as long as their focus is only on themselves. Such a constricted view of one's life is simply too small to contain all that you were meant to be. You must learn to see the value you bring to others, to the redemption and renewal of the world, and to the expansion of goodness and beauty in the universe to find your true value. Until you see your purpose in the context of other aspects of the Circle to bring it into balance, it is impossible to expand your Circle and see yourself fully and accurately. You must master and balance the four fundamental elements of a mature life.

Each of the four aspects of the Circle builds on, and is built upon, the others. Until you have mastered independence, you cannot know your true giftedness. Without independence, your pursuit of security and significance is thwarted by your attempt to appear to be what those around you expect of you. You are a pretender rather than the independent soul you were created to be. Once you have found your independence, you are ready to discover your true power. You have a gift, some quality given to you that is the engine meant to drive your life. That quality is the source of your dignity, security, and purpose in the ...

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