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The Cluetrain Manifesto: 10th Anniversary Edition

Book Description

Ten years after Cluetrain's original publication, too many companies still ignore the idea that markets are really made up of people. In our rapidly changing world, this book's message is more vital than ever. Companies may be wired for business, but they still struggle with how to talk to their customers like human beings.

The 10th Anniversary Edition features extensive new commentaries by industry leaders, but the core message of this modern business classic remains intact.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Foreword
  4. The Elevator Rap
  5. Introduction
  7. CHAPTER 1 - Internet Apocalypso
    1. Premature Burial
    2. Testing, Testing . . .
    3. Waiting for Joe Six-Pack
    4. From Ancient Markets to Global Networks
    5. The New Workplace: Breaking the Silence
  8. CHAPTER 2 - The Longing
    1. What Is the Web For?
    2. Being Managed
    3. How to Hate Your Job
    4. Our Voice
    5. The Longing
  9. CHAPTER 3 - Talk Is Cheap
    1. Voices from Pots
    2. Wired Conversations
    3. E-mail
    4. Mailing Lists
    5. Newsgroups
    6. Chat
    7. Web Pages
    8. Millions and Millions Served
    9. Silence Is Fatal
  10. CHAPTER 4 - Markets Are Conversations
    1. First Things Last
    2. The Industrial Interruption
    3. The Shipping View
    4. The Axe in Our Heads
    5. Networked Markets
    6. When Push Comes to Suck
    7. The Market That Talk Built
    8. New Messages for Marketing
    9. Private Relations
    10. Advertising vs. Word of Web
    11. Sites of Salt
    12. Fair Market Price
    13. Assume the Position
    14. Entering the Conversation
    15. Corporate Voice
    16. The Wrong Kind of Buzz
    17. Who Speaks?
    18. The Web of Voices
    19. How to Talk
    20. Marketing Craft
  11. CHAPTER 5 - The Hyperlinked Organization
    1. Intranet Apocalypso
    2. Inside Fort Business
    3. Hyperlinks Subvert Hierarchy
    4. Bottom-Up
    5. The Character of the Web
    6. The Hyperlinking of the Organization
    7. Hyper Time
    8. Open Access to Everything
    9. Unmanaging Rich Data
    10. Brokenness
    11. Blurry Boundaries
    12. The Economy of Voice
  12. CHAPTER 6 - EZ Answers
    1. Tell ‘Em What You Told ‘Em
    2. Loaded Questions
    3. Hit One Outta the Park
    4. The Cluetrain Hit-One-Outta-the-Park Twelve-Step Program for Internet Business Success
  13. CHAPTER 7 - Post-Apocalypso
    1. The Demonic Paradox
    2. More About Radishes
  14. Journalism as a Conversation
  15. How Lego Caught the Cluetrain
  16. Cluetrain in the Cubicle
  17. Acknowledgements
  19. INDEX
  20. Copyright Page