The Coaching Secret

Book description

Coaching as a field has mushroomed in recent years. Thousands of new coaches enter the field after only completing short and superficial training programmes. The problem with this is that coaching is not i) something you can simply learn in a short programme ii) a superficial practice.
The books available on coaching tend to just reinforce this by going over coaching methodology, without delving into what it really means to be a coach. The Coaching Secret remedies this by going beneath the surface, looking at what it really means to be a coach and showing how you can go from simply understanding the basic coaching process to truly connecting and relating to the client - and becoming a master coach.
The author brings over 20 years of coaching practice in big corporations to help you move beyond the novice/superficial coach to becoming an expert/master coach. He brings together experience, theory, case studies and lots of interactive work to essentially coach the coach and help them achieve a superior coaching level.
Key reader outcomes
  • Practical assistance to become a better coach – moving from novice to expert to master.
  • Increased confidence in your personal coaching competence.
  • Greater clarity to the value of the coaching relationship and how we coach.
  • New perspectives on coaching methods.
  • To answer for yourself some of the crucial questions of the coach including: Who is the coach? How do you coach? And why do you coach?
  • To deepen your understanding of coaching and to demystify the inner process through which we develop our competency and practice.
  • To awaken the coach to discover new ways of seeing, thinking, sensing, resolving and relating.
  • To progress the profession – in offering a new vision of coaching that recognises and evolves the role of the coach.

Product information

  • Title: The Coaching Secret
  • Author(s): Dr. Andrew Machon
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson Business
  • ISBN: 9780273745297