The Complete Graphic Designer
The creation of sales and marketing collateral for a cli-
ent is one of the most common jobs a graphic designer
is commissioned to do. That being said, they are by no
means easy to design or produce, as specifi cations for
collateral vary from job to job depending on the client,
target audience, and the function of the piece. The one
constant, however, is that the concept behind the de-
sign must always drive the piece and meet the ultimate
goals for the project, such as introducing a new brand
image or showcasing a company’s products or services.
The use of a square, translucent
envelope makes this invitation
stand out from all other mail. Inside
is a turn-wheel piece that users
must interact with in order to reveal
specifi c event information.
Design: Gardner Design
Playing off the idea of a “red eye”
ight, Turner Duckworth’s Red Eye
Party invitation resembles a board-
ing pass. A translucent envelope re-
veals the unique format of the piece,
persuading recipients to open it.
Design: Turner Duckworth
Provision-Complete Graphic Designer
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