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Invitation Design
When designing invitations and announcements, it is
essential to make eye-catching exteriors that do not
blend in with other mail or get mistaken for junk mail.
Specialty paper, unique shapes, or stylistic conventions
that require audience participation ensure a design
solution will be opened. The exterior also provides
an opportunity to establish a mood or tone through
the use of typography and visuals. Because invitations
are usually not complex pieces with large amounts
of information, they are fairly open to interpretation.
They can be as subdued and elegant as a traditionally
engraved wedding invitation, or as wild as the imagina-
tion can conjure. Many incorporate objects that refl ect
the theme of the event and push the boundaries by
printing on unusual surfaces. As with every job, it all
depends on the client and their budget, but it is impor-
tant to discuss the breadth of options so the end result
will be as compelling as it can be. A dynamic invita-
tion will always yield a larger crowd.
This kit for the opening of a children’s
art center invites the recipient to use
his imagination to “create art” by
sculpting a large block of clay. The
simple typographic treatment uses
selected red letters within the word
“create” to effectively communicate
the purpose of the piece.
Design: Cahan & Associates
Invitations and announcements are not just single
pieces; they consist of several components that
work together as part of the design. Keep these
considerations in mind when presenting design
options to a client:
Pertinent information about an event must be
prominently featured on the invitation.
• Provide specifi c details such as location, date, time,
and purpose in a clear and easy-to-fi nd location.
Carefully consider which elements are impor-
tant to include.
In addition to the piece itself, a reply card and
envelope, a map and directions to the event,
other information sheets may be necessary. These
should all fi t into one large, outer envelope.
• Confi rm postage for any oddly shaped or sized
pieces. Pieces that fall outside of the propor-
tions established by the U.S. Postal Service
require additional postage to mail. Always con-
rm the rate for any uniquely shaped or sized
pieces with the post offi ce, as well as your
client, so there are no surprises.
Whenever possible, provide postage for reply cards.
Using pre-paid or stamped reply envelopes will
increase the chances that people will respond
to an invitation.
Invitation Design Considerations
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