Common Design Jobs
Brochure Design
A brochure’s goal is to present a company, its prod-
ucts, or services in a unique and interesting way that
not only grabs the viewer’s attention, but prompts
them to contact the company. The combination of
strong visual images with clearly written and concise
messages makes for the best design solution.
A brochure should answer the following questions in
a succinct and easy-to-follow format: What does the
company do? How can the reader get more infor-
mation? And most importantly, how will the reader
benefi t from their product or services? Creating a
strong written message is imperative, and there are
two ways to ensure the content meets the needs of
the piece—the designer can work with the client to
develop the content, or the client or designer can hire
a professional copywriter.
To convince potential customers
about their client’s knowledge of
building materials, the designers
created a dimensional brochure
for Tin Tab. Dimensional pieces
often garner more attention than
traditional folded ones.
Design: Aloof Design
The secret to creating a great
brochure is to entice the viewer to
open the cover. In this brochure, the
simple graphic of a tie on the front
prompts reader curiosity. As the
viewer is drawn in further, dramatic
imagery and bold typography keeps
the reader engaged. Avoiding large
amounts of copy ensures that the
piece will be read.
Hornall Anderson Design Works
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The Complete Graphic Designer
For a brand of colorful outdoor
lights, this sales piece utilizes
metallic silver printing throughout
to contrast with the vivid color pho-
tography that shows products in
action. Fold-out fl aps for each style
of light show product specifi cations
through the use of line art diagrams
and charts, while a loop-stitch bind-
ing allows the brochure to be stored
in a three-ring binder.
Design: SamataMason
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Common Design Jobs
Goals of a Brochure
Entice the reader to open the brochure and read
more about a company, product, or service. The
designer has approximately six seconds to grab
the viewer’s attention.
Establish awareness about a company, organiza-
tion, or product through interesting visuals and
well-developed copy.
Provide useful and relevant information so
the viewer will want to keep the brochure for
future reference.
Direct readers to seek out more information
through the use of a “Call to Action. This can
include a phone number, email address, or website.
Brochures do not have to be four-
color to enhance a client’s image.
Bluestem Restaurant achieved a
high-end, elegant look by combin-
ing artistic, black-and-white
photography with a sophisticated
layout. A tightly cropped duotone
image of grass makes for a dra-
matic and thought-provoking cover.
Design: Indicia Design
To educate and inform on the safety
and use of original Nokia batteries
and accessories, an instructional
card with a hangtag was shipped in
a translucent silver mailer. A simple
wrap-around label was used for
addressee information, which did
not distract the viewer from the
most important pieces inside.
Design: Yellow Octopus
Types of brochures
1. Capability
Focuses on communicating the services
a company provides
2. Sales/Marketing
Presents detailed information about specifi c products
including features and pricing information
3. Image
Introduces a new brand or corporate image
4. Informational
Presents pertinent information about a specifi c topic
or issue the audience is interested in and provides a
way for them to get more information by directing
them to a website or phone number
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