Products are made in the factory,
brands are made in the mind.
—Walter Landor, founder, Landor Associates
Chapter 6:
Branding is about perception—the perception of a
company, its products, or services. Connections and
emotional appeal must be made between a com-
pany and its customers through the consistent use
of graphics. For some, a brand is about social status,
convincing customers that they can afford a certain
lifestyle or that they can appreciate luxury. For
others, brands are about attitude and individuality.
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The Complete Graphic Designer
Brands have the power to make customers identify
with a product or a service, to feel as though they
belong to something important. They affect pur-
chasing decisions, persuading a person to buy one
product over another, often to spend more money
in the process.
The sheer power of branding on an audience’s psyche
is a complex, creative challenge for the graphic design-
er, one that goes well beyond the traditional identity.
Brands are much like corporate identity in that they
require visual consistency. However, the application of
a brand extends well beyond two-dimensional, printed
collateral; it includes the entire customer experience,
everything from the logo and packaging to customer
service and the retail environment. The packaging
communicates to the user how a product looks, what
it feels like when he picks it up, and how well it works
or tastes; all these elements work together to help the
user form an opinion about the company, its product,
or service. This is known as the “brand experience.
Sports team brands help identify
players on the fi eld of competition,
but to be truly effective, they must
be marketable as both memora-
bilia and merchandise. They evoke
spirit and unity among the team,
fans, and community.
Hornall Anderson Design Works
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