The Complete Graphic Designer
Creating a successful branding campaign is both a
complex task and a big undertaking for any designer.
Because brands must utilize consistent messaging
throughout their campaign to build trust with the
target audience, it is the designer’s responsibility to
thoroughly explore and consider every element of a
brand and its application before implementing any de-
sign decisions. Before getting down to work, it is always
best to make a list of all the components that need to
be developed and a detailed strategy for each. This time
invested early on will save the designer frustration and
angst by helping to avoid redesigns down the line.
The Logo: an Entry Point of a Brand
The brand logo is the entry point for a customer’s ex-
perience with a product or service. These marks quick-
ly defi ne and distinguish a product or a company: who
or what it is, what it does, and its unique qualities.
Depending on the audience’s past brand experience,
the logo connects with them on subconscious and
emotional levels, evoking good or bad connotations.
Repeated exposure to the logo builds recognition and
memorability with the viewer.
Brands must work across multiple
languages. In the Middle East,
where both English and Arabic are
used for communication, these two
brands are used interchangeably.
These marks seem reversed to
English speaking audiences, but
this is because Arabic is read from
right to left.
Design: Paragon Marketing
& Communication
Both Russell Athletic and Mueller’s
are memorable brand marks that
customers identify with. Simplicity
of execution allows for immedi-
ate recognition and recall of past
brand experiences.
Design: Wallace Church
Provision-Complete Graphic Designer
CGD p144-192_Text file_.indd 160CGD p144-192_Text file_.indd 160 1/20/09 3:24:21 PM1/20/09 3:24:21 PM
Elias & Grace is a modern, upscale maternity
clothes store. Subtle typography and muted
colors are used for the brand’s identity, while the
ampersand is suggestive of a mother carrying
a child. Shopping bags are designed so that the
ampersand also becomes a unifying element
“tying” the whole piece together. Hangtags are
punched so that they may also function as busi-
ness cards for the store.
Design: Aloof Design
Provision-Complete Graphic Designer
CGD p144-192_Text file_.indd 161CGD p144-192_Text file_.indd 161 1/20/09 3:24:23 PM1/20/09 3:24:23 PM

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