Glossary of Terms
A substance or item such as paper that allows light to
pass through it.
Uncoated paper
A paper that does not contain a special coating. Un-
coated paper allows ink to be absorbed into the paper
bers resulting in colors that often appear muted.
Usability testing
A focus group comprised of people from various
demographics that remark on a process or a product’s
packaging or design, including its aesthetic and func-
tional qualities.
Clear inks that are available in dull or gloss fi nish.
When used with full-color printing, they help “seal” the
The left page of a spread is the verso page. (See recto)
Vinyl graphics
Sheets of adhesive vinyl that are cut into shapes and
letterforms and then applied to surfaces including
windows, signs, and vehicles.
Starbursts or other graphic devices that are applied
to a design to call attention to an important piece of
information. They “violate” the integrity of the design
and are best avoided.
Visual hierarchy
The organization and arrangement of design elements
that help lead the viewer’s eye throughout a composi-
tion. The purpose is to infl uence the order in which
information is received.
Visual vocabulary
The type of images, graphics, and colors that a target
audience prefers and is used to seeing. Examining com-
peting companies, products, or services, as well as the
hobbies or interests of the intended receiver determine
what elements are most effective.
Way nding
Another term for directional signage that guides people
from place to place.
When only one word appears on a line of text.
In typography, this is the height of lowercase letters
within a type family. Traditionally, the larger or taller the
x-height, the easier a font is to read.
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