About the Contributors

CHAPTER 1 Futures: The Investment for the Twenty-First Century

Historical Roots

What Futures Are

What Futures Are Not

Who Trades Futures?

Making Your Choice

CHAPTER 2 Becoming a Futures Trader

Trading Decision Issues

Fundamental Analysis Highlights

Technical Analysis Highlights

Putting It All Together

CHAPTER 3 Trading with a Broker as a Partner

What a Broker Can Offer

Options versus Futures

Market Should Fit Strategy

Paper Trading, Back-Testing

CHAPTER 4 Letting the Pros Trade Your Account

Why Managed Futures?

Where Do You Start?

Evaluating Trading Programs

Investing in Managed Futures

CHAPTER 5 Using an Auto-Executing Trading System

Why an Auto-Executing Trading System?

Look at Yourself First

What to Look for in a Trading System

Why “Successful” Systems May Fail

Summing up Systems

CHAPTER 6 Resources for the Self-Directed Trader

Brokerage Firm Choice

Trading Platform

Trading Support Tools

Match Resources to Your Needs

CHAPTER 7 Knowing Your Margins and Marching Orders

Trading on Margin

Order Types

Placing Orders

Tips about Trading Mechanics

Connectivity Issues and Questions

CHAPTER 8 Futures: Diverse Markets You Can Trade

Equity-Based Futures

Financial Instruments


CHAPTER 9 Options on Futures: A Flexible Trading Tool

Issues to Consider When Investing in Futures Options

Mechanics of Futures Options

Basic Futures Options Strategies

CHAPTER 10 Forex: Another Opportunity for Traders

What Is the Forex Market?

Exchange Rates ...

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