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The Complete Guide to Node.js

Video Description

Learn everything you need to about Node.js

About This Video

  • Understand how modules work in Node.js

  • Learn asynchronous programming

  • Learn Node.js paradigms

  • In Detail

    We will be covering how to use Node.js to build websites. This course will focus primarily on Express as the framework that the website will be built in. In addition to Express, we will cover using Redis and Socket.io to make more robust and dynamic sites. Many courses only focus on one of these, but this course will cover all of them.

    By the end of this course the reader will be able to build applications using Express, Redis, and Socket.io. Express helps by making full featured web applications easy, if you know how. Redis opens doors by making data quick and easy to fetch. Many sites have used Redis to make difficult data problems easy. Lastly Socket.io makes two way communication between the browser and web application easy. If you have every needed to build something that was real-time than Socket.io is what you want to use.