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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Great Customer Service

Book Description

You're no idiot, of course. You skillfully manage your kids' temper tantrums, diplomatically handle office politics, and even pleasantly deal with your friends' bickering. But when it comes to handling customer service, you feel utterly lost.

It's time to make great customer service an indispensable part of your daily operation!

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Great Customer Service teaches you how to create the "Service Difference"--service that genuinely pleases your customers and sets your organization apart from the pack.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Copyright
  3. Contents
  4. Foreword
  5. Introduction
    1. To Serve and to Please—The Service Difference
    2. The Service Difference
    3. The Thinking Behind This Book
    4. What You’ll Find in This Book
    5. Extras
    6. At Your Service
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. Special Thanks from the Publisher to the Technical Reviewer
  6. Part 1: What Exactly Is Customer Service?
    1. Chapter 1: Customer Service: A Many Splendored Thing
    2. Chapter 2: Service: It’s a Mission
    3. Chapter 3: Just Who Serves the Customer Around Here?
    4. Chapter 4: Standardized—Spelling Out Good Performance
    5. Chapter 5: Who’s Your Valued Customer?
  7. Part 2: Service Is Communication
    1. Chapter 6: The Pleasure of Your Business . . .
    2. Chapter 7: What’s the Customer’s Style?
    3. Chapter 8: So What’s the Problem?
    4. Chapter 9: The Angry Customer
    5. Chapter 10: Writing for Service
    6. Chapter 11: Look! It’s an Instruction Manual
  8. Part 3: So, How Am I Doing?
    1. Chapter 12: Complain, Complain, Complain
    2. Chapter 13: Just the FAQs
    3. Chapter 14: Survey Says . . .
    4. Chapter 15: Great Expectations
  9. Part 4: Build It and They Will Come: Creating a Customer Service Organization
    1. Chapter 16: Structuring the Service Function for Success
    2. Chapter 17: Finding and Hiring Service Winners
    3. Chapter 18: Enable Your Winners to Win
    4. Chapter 19: Who’s Sitting Where?
    5. Chapter 20: It’s an Internal Organ
    6. Chapter 21: It’s a Worldly Thing
  10. Part 5: The Gizmos & Gadgets of Great Service
    1. Chapter 22: Hello There!
    2. Chapter 23: Help Is on the Line
    3. Chapter 24: ZAP! E-Mail Coming at You
    4. Chapter 25: Next Stop: Information Superhighway
  11. Appendix A: Resources
    1. Associations
    2. Contract Call Centers
    3. Customer Service Consultants
    4. Customer Service Training, Conference Keynotes, and Suppliers of Behavioral Assessment Tools
    5. Internet and World Wide Web Services
    6. Publications
    7. Telecommunications Equipment and Customer Service Software Systems Vendors
    8. Workplace Injury Prevention Consultants
  12. Appendix B: Glossary
  13. Afterword Do You Get a Second Chance to Be Your Customer’s First Choice?
    1. Wrapping Up
    2. The Way of the Happy Servant
  14. Index