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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Team Building

Book Description

Team building remains a key component to a successful work environment. With The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Team Building, learn:

Quick and easy guidance on making America's newest way of working for your team
Idiot-proof steps for creating a team and getting the most out of it
Down-to-earth advice on training, delegating, communicating, setting goals, and more

"Dr. Pell has written a delightfully entertaining 'how-to' manual that is not only a prime training tool for new team leaders, but a reference guide for all managers, regardless of their level of proficiency and experience. . . this book is a must-read."-Franklin C. Ashby, Ph.D., president of Manchester Training

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Copyright
  3. Contents
  4. Foreword
  5. Introduction
  6. Part 1 Teams: Gimmicks, Fads, or the Real Stuff?
    1. Chapter 1  What’s So New About Teams?
    2. Chapter 2  The Barriers to Team Success
    3. Chapter 3  Foundation for Team Success
  7. Part 2 Molding a Group Into a Working Team
    1. Chapter 4  Communication: The Lifeblood of Team Success
    2. Chapter 5  Say It Right— Write It Right
    3. Chapter 6  Meetings: Time-Wasters or Productivity Tool?
    4. Chapter 7  Who’s Gonna Do the Work?
    5. Chapter 8  Be a Leader, Be a Coach
    6. Chapter 9  Your Team Is Not Alone
  8. Part 3 Can’t We All Just Get Along?
    1. Chapter 10  Overcoming Team Discord
    2. Chapter 11  Maintaining Harmony Within the Team
    3. Chapter 12  Measuring Performance
    4. Chapter 13  When Team Members Don’t Make the Grade
    5. Chapter 14  Bye-Bye Buddy
  9. Part 4 T-E-A-M—Yay TEAM!
    1. Chapter 15  Power, Power. Who’s Got the Power?
    2. Chapter 16  Different Strokes for Different Folks
    3. Chapter 17  Show Me the Money!
  10. Part 5 Staffing the Team—And Getting It Going
    1. Chapter 18  Transforming a Work Group Into a Team
    2. Chapter 19  When the Team Is Brand-New
    3. Chapter 20  Recruiting Candidates from Outside the Company
    4. Chapter 21  Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
    5. Chapter 22  Making the Hiring Decision
    6. Chapter 23  Honing the Team Members’ Skills
  11. Part 6 Special Teams for Special Purposes
    1. Chapter 24  The Self-Directed Team
    2. Chapter 25  Cross-Functional Teams
    3. Chapter 26  When Team Members Are in Remote Locations
  12. Appendix A  Publications with Articles on Team Management
  13. Appendix B  Associations Dealing with Team Management and Human Resources
  14. Appendix C  Glossary of Team Terms
  15. Index