Chapter 1
Where Debt Comes From

In This Chapter

◆ Realizing you’re not the only one
◆ America’s problem with debt
◆ Credit: easy to use, and easier to abuse
◆ Why debt isn’t always bad
◆ A change in mind-set
Let me start by telling you what this book is not. It is not just a book about how to pay off your loans, lower your credit card balances, or get your creditors to leave you alone. While I do talk about how to deal with all those different types of “debts” that you might owe, this book more importantly addresses the underlying mind-set of “debt.” It is meant to help you eliminate both the symptoms of a problem, and the problem itself.
As you’ll see, debt isn’t just a “thing” you find yourself in, or owing. If it were, it’d be easy enough for ...

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