Chapter 7
UnThoughtful Persuasion: Cues
In This Chapter
• Working with dimmer bulls
• Comparison, Liking, Authourity, Reciprocity, Commitment/Consistency, and Scarcity (CLARCCS) cues
• Using a variety of low-WATT tactics
• Xhoosing a route of persuasion
Ever look in your closet and wonder why you bought that? Maybe it’s a pair of slacks, a blouse, a tie, or a pair of sneakers. You only vaguely remember purchasing it—did you get it at a store, or did you order it online? And as you look at it while dressing for the day, you recoil in disgust. Look at those colors! A pirate wouldn’t wear that! And it looks like it would fit a penguin. What were you thinking?
That question answers itself. There was nothing in your head when you bought that, so you ...

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