Chapter 14
Persuasion Scripts
In This Chapter
• What’s a persuasion script, and why do you need one?
• Effective scripts in action
• Weak persuasion scripts
• Is it a script or something else?
• Team persuasion tactics
• Why persuasion scripts work
The largest problem people have with doing effective persuasion is organization. Persuasion in real time is more complex than you realize, and if you simply try to do it on the fly, you will probably fail. (Remember the persuasion rules from Chapter 3? Rule No. 6 is Effective Persuasion Takes Planning, and Rule No. 7 is All Bad Persuasion Is Sincere.)
In this chapter, I provide you with a simple planning scheme called a “persuasion script.” It means exactly what it says, and if you use scripts, you will ...

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