Appendix A
Vocabulary Lists

Latin-to-English Vocabulary

The chapter in which the word first appears is in parentheses.
a/ab (11) by, away from
abeo, abire, abii, abitus (8) go away
abhorreo, ere, ui (5) to shrink back, abhor
absolutus, a, um (6) perfected, complete
abstineo, ere, stinui (6) to abstain
absum, abesse, abfui (15) to be absent
absurdus, a, um (7) absurd
accido, ere, cidi (11) to happen, fall
accido, ere, cidi, cisus (5) to cut down
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptus (6) to accept
acerbus, a, um (19) sour, sharp
actus, us, m. (4) act
ad (1) to, toward, near
addo, addere, addidi, additus (11) to add
adduco, ere, duxi, ductus (6) to bring
adeo (9) to such a degree
adicio, ere, ieci, iectus (6) to add on
adiutrix, icis, f. (4) helper ...

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