Appendix D
Answer Keys
These answer keys include answers to all the Practice Makes Perfect questions, as well as any exercises and translations within the chapters. Note that all translations from the Latin are the author’s.

Chapter 1

Practice Makes Perfect

1. The senator is not a hippopotamus.
2. The mushroom is noble.
3. Rome is in Europe.
4. Rome is not in America.
5. Discord is a disaster.
6. Victory is glory.

Chapter 2

Practice Makes Perfect 1

1. inferior—superior
2. humanus—divinus
3. victoria—calamitas
4. publicus—privatus
5. clamor—silentium

Practice Makes Perfect 2

Ask questions to a friend or your boss:
Are you a consul? Are you a hippopotamus? Are you a cavewoman? Are you an orator? Are you a senator?

Chapter 3

Practice Makes Perfect ...

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