Chapter 3
People, Places, and Things
In This Chapter
◆ Declensions, word order, and conjugations
◆ First declension feminine nouns
◆ The nominative and genitive cases
◆ Second declension masculine and neuter nouns
◆ Fun with plurals
Words are powerful communicators. Edgar Allen Poe’s raven drove a man to insanity with one word—Nevermore! Single words can command ( jump), describe (beautiful), exclaim (wow!), or make a statement (cool). Put two words together, and you compound the meaning—bulldog and feather-brain. Words can also bore you to death—antidisestablishmentarianism.
The Romans used single words to make a point, many of which are still with us. Cicero said, “O tempora, o mores,” bewailing the lack of morals in then-modern times (65 B.C.E.). ...

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