Chapter 5
Let’s Have Some Action
In This Chapter
◆ Active, sedentary, and couch potato verbs
◆ Conjugations
◆ The present tense
◆ To be or not to be able
◆ Your goose is cooked … or is it doing the cooking?
It’s time for some action. Nouns—people, places, and things—must do something to make a sentence come to life. Verbs make your world exciting. So in this chapter, our cavemen jump, and the oysters swim. We also learn passive verbs, where something is done to the subject. Elephants are jumped on by the cavemen, oysters are captured by the divers, and your goose is cooked.

Words to Be Memorized

The following lists consist of verbs—action words or words describing a state of being. Latin verbs are universally listed in dictionaries beginning with ...

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