Chapter 6
Action Without an Ending—Verbals
In This Chapter
◆ Infinitives: to be or not to be
◆ Present participles: seeing is believing
◆ Passive periphrastic: things that must be seen
◆ A verbal review
A verbal is a verb form that is not used as a verb but as some other part of speech. So instead of being an action word, it can function either as an adjective and describe, or as a noun and be a person, place, or thing. Think of it as being similar to when you use a pencil, not to write with, but to prop up a window. It is no longer a pencil, even though it looks like a pencil. The pencil has become a window propper and functions as one.
Verbal adjectives are participles. Verbal nouns are gerunds and infinitives.

To Be or Not To Be: Infinitives ...

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