Chapter 7
The Good and the Bad—Adjectives and Accusatives
In This Chapter
◆ You already know some Latin adjectives
◆ Making words agree
◆ Adjectives as nouns
◆ Degrees of comparison
◆ The accusative case
◆ Asking questions
Adjectives are words that describe a noun. Adjectives are the writer’s palette, used to fill in color, size, shape, texture, or sound. Adjectives make good writing come alive and give depth and dimension to the written picture. A beautiful woman is curvaceous; the sound of the saxophone is mellifluous.
Classical Latin authors, at least those whose works have survived and remain with us, were not as enamored with the adjective as we are today. Romans were practical, down-to-earth people, and we can thank them for the most clean-lined ...

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