Chapter 8
Taking the Place of Nouns—Pronouns
In This Chapter
◆ Pronouns you should know
◆ First and second person pronouns and adjectives
◆ Third person pronouns, demonstratives, and adjectives
◆ Reflexive and intensive pronouns and adjectives
◆ The irregular verb ire (go)
If there were no pronouns, Shakespeare would have written:
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend Mark Antony the ears of the friends, Romans, and countrymen; Mark Antony comes to bury Caesar, not to praise Caesar.
Pronouns are linguistic shortcuts, allowing us to use nice, short replacements for long, cumbersome names. English speakers automatically change cases—“I see him,” “he sees me,” “we see them.” So doing the same in Latin will be easy.

Words You Yourself Should Know

Personal ...

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