Chapter 9
Where? When? How Many?
In This Chapter
◆ A look at adverbs
◆ Add it up with Roman numbers
◆ Flip through the Roman calendar
◆ At Carthage—the locative case
◆ The dative and ablative cases
Imagine trying to determine your place and time without compass or digital watch. Imagine adding and subtracting Roman numerals with a few beads and wire. Fortunately, the Latin language makes up for some of those deficiencies by having many adverbs to describe when, where, and how as well as a specific case for location. Specific time, unfortunately, never quite caught on.


Adverbs are used to modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Many adverbs in English end in -ly, such as largely, insipidly, or indisputably. Other adverbs are simple ...

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