Chapter 10
Expanding the Time Frame—Past and Future Tenses
In This Chapter
◆ Verbs’ principal parts
◆ The imperfect tense
◆ A peek into the future
◆ Active and passive perfect tenses
◆ The perfect infinitive and the perfect passive participle
◆ Command with the imperative
It’s time to look at verbs in their entirety. Dictionaries, vocabularies, and textbooks give four parts to every verb—unless the verb is missing a part or two, in which case it’s called defective. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the verb. It just isn’t all there, like your second cousin Ollie.

The Principal Parts of Verbs

Latin has six tenses—present, imperfect, future, present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect—and they all come in both active and passive ...

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