Chapter 14
Closing In on Clauses
In This Chapter
◆ Words to learn
◆ Subjunctive mood
◆ Subordinate conjunctions
◆ Purpose clauses
◆ Result clauses
◆ Clauses of fearing
◆ Temporal clauses
Let’s face it. Some days you’re in a good mood; others, not so hot. Verbs, too, have their moods. The imperative mood is bossy, the indicative mood is just your everyday normal state, and the subjunctive mood is wistful and dreamy. You’ve already learned the indicative and imperative. It’s time for the subjunctive.

Words to Learn in Order to Be Educated

The following words have been grouped according to parts of speech—nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. Some should be included in the easy category, such as fabula (story) or figura (figure).
The ciborium is ...

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