Chapter 26
Workbook III: Working With the Remaining Parts of Speech and Other Complexities
Here we review more parts of speech, the use of clauses, the subjunctive mood, and more complex sentences.

Working With Phrases and Clauses

Review the prepositional phrase in Chapter 11, temporal and causal clauses and the ablative absolute in Chapter 12, and relative clauses in Chapter 13.

Phrases and Clauses Grammar Review

Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank:
1. Some prepositions are used as _____.
a. propositions
b. suffixes
c. prefixes
d. conjunctions
2. Deponent verbs are _____.
a. active in form, passive in meaning
b. not all there
c. passive in form, active in meaning
d. all of the above
3. The ablative absolute often uses the phrase _____. ...

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