Latin, a dead language? Doctors use Latin—vertebra, fibula, humerus, patella. Lawyers use Latin—nolo contendere, habeas corpus, res iudicata, subpoena. Architects use Latin—tympanum, basilica, post, lintel. You use Latin when you buy a car—Aurora, Saturn, Maxima—when you write a research paper—ibid, idem, et al.—when you exchange money—annuit coeptis, e pluribus unum—when you go to church—mea culpa, pater noster—or when you’re just sitting around the house watching old movies such as Spartacus or Julius Caesar.
Perhaps you want to know what the Latin actually means. Perhaps you want to read the words of Caesar, Cicero, and other writers from 2,000 years ago. Perhaps you’re in Latin I class and are wondering how to ace it. Perhaps ...

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