Chapter 8
The Most Important Verbi You’ll Ever Learn
In This Chapter
♦ The verbs essere and stare (to be)
♦ The verbs avere (to have) and fare (to do/make)
♦ Idiomatic expressions using essere and avere
Ci and vi and C’è and ci sono
If you could only have four verbs to work with, they would be the ones covered in this chapter. If you ever thought of tattooing verb conjugations on your arm, these would be my first picks. Perche? You can be yourself with the verb essere. You can stay in a beautiful villa with the verb stare. You can have gelato for breakfast with avere. You can make money or love (and a whole lot more) with fare. That’s the good news.
The bad news is that most of my favorite verbs happen to be highly irregular. (Secondo ...

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