Chapter 17
The Arts and the Imperfetto
In This Chapter
♦ Cinema, music, and art
♦ Using the Imperfect
♦ Imperfect versus the present perfect
♦ Using double object pronouns in the past
In this chapter, you’ll learn about the arts and the imperfect tense, another way to talk about the past. You may not feel up to learning yet another tense, and ask, “When does it end?”
Mai, I say. Never.
Scherzavo! I was just kidding! You’ll get it, I promise.

The Arts

Ah, la Madre Patria! The Italians have an emotional relationship to la politica, la famiglia, and l’amore. It is no surprise that their art reflects these powerful forces.

II Cinema

There’s no better way to practice your Italian than by watching films (next to visiting Italy, that is). Italy started ...

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