Chapter 18
Using the Body to Test Your Riflessivi: Reflexive Verbs
In This Chapter
♦ Naming your body parts
♦ Talking to il medico about what ails you
♦ Visiting the ottica
♦ Visiting the dentista
♦ La profumeria
♦ Reflexive verbs and pronouns
You’re probably more prone to getting sick while in a foreign country than any other time. You’re in a new environment, you’re eating different foods, your daily rituals have been altered, and you’re having a great time. Those little bugs know just when to crash a party. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to feed your cold, starve your fever, and get back on your feet. You’ll also learn about the imperfect tense, another way to talk about the past.

What a Bod!

You’ve only got one, so you might as well love ...

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